How to Create a Crystal-Clear Proposition or Value Statement for your Business

Help your audience know who you are and what you do.

Creating a Proposition Statement is critical to the success of small business owners.  It lets customers or prospects know exactly why they should consider their services or help.  Yet it is one of the most under-valued and unused tools by most entrepreneurs.  Skipping this is kind of like skipping step #1.  It’s a bad idea and creates a bad foundation to build off of.  Not only that, but starting or operating a business without a crystal-clear Proposition Statement creates confusion and unclear expectations for both you and your audience.

Creating a Proposition Statement

All of this, thankfully, can be avoided.

But before we get to that, though, I want to give credit where credit is due.  One of my mentors (I have a few) is a guy in Nashville, Tennessee, named Michael Hyatt.  (Click on his name to find out more about him. He’s awesome!)  No matter what business you are in, you should become familiar with Michael and follow him and his team.  They have helped and guided me so much in my entrepreneurial endeavors and I know they could do the same for you.  He is the one who introduced me to what I’m about to share with you here.  It is easy to understand and can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to sharing what you do and why your audience or customers should care.

So here are the 4 parts to creating a crystal-clear proposition statement for your business. (more…)

The Surprisingly Simple Way To Find Your Purpose in Life

What you can do today.

What is your purpose?  Why are you here? What does God want to do with your life?  These are all big, important questions.  But finding the answers can be elusive and extremely frustrating.  How can you pursue these mammoth issues about tomorrow while still being fully present today?

Pursuing Your Purpose in Life

At some point, we all know how this feels.  You’re always looking forward.  Always pressing into tomorrow. Always dealing with the future and wondering what the big picture looks like or how to bring it into focus.

As elusive or frustrating as this can be, it’s vital for us to pursue it.  Why is this gnawing question so important?  Because your soul can only find true satisfaction and peace when you do.  If you don’t pursue your purpose, it’s like being thirsty but never being able to quench your thirst.

But there is hope in a surprisingly simple approach. (more…)

5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

What your dad REALLY wants!

Have you ever gone to Google and searched for gift ideas for Father’s Day?  Maybe that’s how you found this post in the first place!  If so, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place.  Finding the perfect gift for dad is tough.  I mean, what exactly do you get a guy who swears he “really doesn’t want anything at all!”?

Father's Day Gifts

I have some ideas.

Here they are – 5 meaningful gifts that your dad REALLY wants. (more…)

How to start exercising again when you don’t feel like it.

Protecting yourself from the self-sabotaging trap.

I did something recently that is terribly annoying.  I started exercising.  Again.   My inability to consistently exercise is a source of great frustration to me.  I’m the classic example of a yo-yo exerciser.  I do it, feel amazing, get lazy, slowly fade out, and then gain 25 pounds and feel miserable.  Then I repeat the process.  Sound familiar?

Lower the Bar

When I find myself at the place of starting over again, I feel trapped.  I find myself wanting to get healthy but comparing my current condition with those at the top of the physical pinnacle.  I look at friends who do Cross Fit or those posting about their “incredible 40-mile bike ride” and then find myself not wanting to even move from the couch at all.  Let’s be honest.  I get winded walking up the stairs!  So how in the world will I ever get back in shape in like those superheroes I see all around me!?

Let’s be honest.  I get winded walking up the stairs!  So how in the world will I ever get back in shape in like those superheroes I see all around me!?

The problem, of course, is my aiming point.  I have raised the standard so high that it keeps me from ever starting where I am.  Exercising seems so impossible in these moments and I feel anything but optimistic in the beginning.  But optimism is exactly what we need to start and win.  (I wrote about why that’s true here).

So how can we keep ourselves from this self-sabotaging trap and get started exercising again even when we don’t feel like it?  Here’s what I suggest. (more…)

Why You Should Embrace Adversity

What Andy Andrews discovered that can change your life.

What if I told you that your life could be great but that the way to greatness required continual adversity? Would you still choose it?  I believe that there is something inside each of us that wants to be great.  But the road to greatness is wrought with trouble, doubt, and fear.  When facing adversity a decision must be made; do we shrink back in fear or do we move forward in confidence and courage?

Why You Should Embrace Adversity

I was reading through Andy Andrews book, The Seven Decisions, (which is as good as The Traveler’s Gift –the book where he introduces The Seven Decisions) and he addresses the issue of adversity and it’s correlation to greatness.  Andy’s message is clear:

You have a decision to make when it comes to dealing with adversity in your life.  You can let it cripple you (like it almost did him) or you can learn to embrace it.

Here’s his story and what he discovered that can change so much for you.


3 Ways to Deal with Conflict

Learning how to responsibly respond.

Conflict is inevitable in relationships.  Whether it is with siblings, spouses, co-workers, employees, in-laws, or while dating, disagreements happen and conflicts arise.  How we deal with these issues, however, is where the rubber meets the road.  It is here that we must learn to deal with conflict in a way that maintains the relationship and moves it forward.

3 Ways to Deal with Conflict

One of the best principles that I have found and try to hold on to when dealing with conflict is this:

“My response is my responsibility.”

That is a principle worth embracing.  In fact, it is learning to respond to conflict – rather than reacting to it – that will make the biggest difference when the next conflict comes around.  You can’t control how anyone else responds.  But you can control how you do.

Here are a few ways that you can keep your relationships intact as you learn to deal with conflict by responding and not reacting. (more…)

How to deal with death.

And how it helps you live a better life.

Death is guaranteed.  An abundant, full, thriving life is not.

In this short video, I share my thoughts about both and how Memorial Day and the passing of two friends in our community has caused me to remember to focus on what really matters most.

Question: What are you doing to embrace life more fully in the midst of certain death? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Memorial Day

3 Ways to Show Our Thanks

Parades, stones, plaques, trees and many other things like these are commonly used as memorials.  They are important ways for us to remember key events and people have meant so much to us.  Today, in our country, we memorialize and remember all of those who served, fought, sacrificed, and died so that we would be free.

3 Ways to Honor Memorial Day

But a memorial is meant to be more than just a memory.

The memory is important.  But our actions are even more important than the memory.  For the actions we take are the evidence of our thankfulness.

Today, as we remember those who have given so much, it is important that we also remember to act on their behalf.

Here are 3 ways we can do that. (more…)

3 of God’s Greatest Gifts

If you don't have these yet you'll be praying that will!

Think about all of God’s gifts in your life.  They would fill up page after page if you were to write them all down.  In fact, I think you should!  Take some time to reflect on them and write them down in a journal so you can see them in front of you.  It’s an amazing exercise and fills your heart with immense gratitude.

3 of God's Underrated Gifts

But there are underrated and unexpected gifts that we rarely reflect on enough.  See if you can find them in this passage.  There are 3 that stand out the most. (more…)

How we think and how to do it better.

What a spy taught me about the process of better thinking.

How you think is rarely discussed.  What to think, however, is everywhere.  Wherever you go there is someone offering their opinions and on what to think.  Self-help books, blogs (like this one), talk shows, celebrity Twitter feeds, news and media outlets, and more.  But what about the process of thinking?  What should we think about that?

How We Think and How To Do It Better

In his short and engaging book, John Braddock writes about this very topic from his perspective as a real-life spy. The book (which you can read for free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program) is called, A Spy’s Guide to Thinking, and is a fascinating read.  John (I doubt that’s his real name) highlights something that I found very helpful and applicable in each of the 7 key areas of life that we discuss here each week in my blog.

Here is how John describes how we think and how we can do it better once we know and understand this process. (more…)