Memorial Day

3 Ways to Show Our Thanks

Parades, stones, plaques, trees and many other things like these are commonly used as memorials.  They are important ways for us to remember key events and people have meant so much to us.  Today, in our country, we memorialize and remember all of those who served, fought, sacrificed, and died so that we would be free.

3 Ways to Honor Memorial Day

But a memorial is meant to be more than just a memory.

The memory is important.  But our actions are even more important than the memory.  For the actions we take are the evidence of our thankfulness.

Today, as we remember those who have given so much, it is important that we also remember to act on their behalf.

Here are 3 ways we can do that. (more…)

How we think and how to do it better.

What a spy taught me about the process of better thinking.

How you think is rarely discussed.  What to think, however, is everywhere.  Wherever you go there is someone offering their opinions and on what to think.  Self-help books, blogs (like this one), talk shows, celebrity Twitter feeds, news and media outlets, and more.  But what about the process of thinking?  What should we think about that?

How We Think and How To Do It Better

In his short and engaging book, John Braddock writes about this very topic from his perspective as a real-life spy. The book (which you can read for free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program) is called, A Spy’s Guide to Thinking, and is a fascinating read.  John (I doubt that’s his real name) highlights something that I found very helpful and applicable in each of the 7 key areas of life that we discuss here each week in my blog.

Here is how John describes how we think and how we can do it better once we know and understand this process. (more…)

Extreme Ownership

3 Key Lessons on why this principle (and book) are essential to life

Ownership is tough.  Extreme Ownership is even tougher.  It is something that most of us if we’re brutally honest, don’t do very well.  We live in a society that applauds and seemingly encourages blame and finger-pointing on everyone and everything other the person in the mirror.  That is why this principle and the book with the same name is so vital today.  (Be sure to watch the short TED Talk below by co-author, Jocko Willink.  You will be captivated and inspired by what he has to say.)

Embracing Extreme Ownership

The book, Extreme Ownership, is written by former Navy SEALs, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.  In it, these American heroes relate their stories and many of the lessons they have learned and demonstrate how this principle of Extreme Ownership is invaluable in all of life and business.

While there are many takeaways that could be pointed out, I want to focus this short blog post on just 3 key lessons that are absolutely essential and can change how you approach life and business every day. (more…)

The Worst Advice Ever

How common advice sounds good but is so, so bad!

A while back I wrote about some of the best advice I’d ever received.  You can read it about here.  It is, obviously, some GREAT advice that may be worth implementing in your life right away!  But it got me thinking about how much bad advice is out there, too.  Like some of these doozies.

Worst Advice

“Always look down the barrel of a gun to make sure it’s not loaded.”

“Pull my finger.  You’ll like it.”

“Close your eyes.  Trust me!”

Don’t you wish that all bad advice were so obvious!?  Me too.  However, some of the worst advice can sound deceptively good.  Like the ones I mention next.  It is some of the worst advice ever.

The sad news is: I bet someone has given this advice to you! (more…)

The Best Advice Ever

Problems are Questions

Ask someone for their advice.  What will you get?  A person more than happy to give it to you!  People LOVE to give advice and opinions.  Think about how you feel whenever someone asks you for advice.  How does it make you feel?  Flattered!  We all love to share our opinions and give advice to listening ears.

Best Advice Ever

As someone who prides himself on gathering wisdom from others, this made me wonder:

What is some of the best advice that I’ve ever heard?

Here’s one that I think can be life-changing for you. (more…)

34 Home-Based Business Ideas

Working from home has never been easier!

Today is truly an incredible time to be alive for so many reasons.  At the top of the list is the opportunity to be your own boss, work from home, and create a lifestyle that matches your passions and dreams. Everyday, people are looking for home-based business ideas that may work for them.

home-based business ideas

For many of us, the idea is great.  But the execution isn’t.

Where do I start?

What would I do?

Good questions!  Lucky for you, I’ve got some ideas to help you figure it out.

Check out this list of home-based business and entrepreneurial job opportunities and see which ones may be a good fit for you. (more…)