3 surprisingly easy ways to motivate prospects

Do you know what motivates prospects to buy from you?  Do you think it would be good to know?  Me too!

Consider this scenario:  You have a prospect that you are talking to and you’ve been waiting for them to connect with you for what seems like forever.  It’s finally happening and you are so excited.  This may be your big shot!  Then you realize that you’re missing something very important…

You have no idea what it is that they really want!

Sure, they’re chatting with you and they know what you’re promoting.  But do you what it is that motivates them to buy what you’re selling?

This is a big problem that many home-based business owners and entrepreneurs face.  But there is help.

I want to share some surprisingly easy things that the best salespeople in the world use to understand and motivate their prospects.

Its easier than you may think and will help your conversations with prospects to be more natural, genuine, and will show that you truly care.

Ask Great Questions To Motivate Prospects

The underlying issue that we are discussing today is all about “influence”.  Learning what motivates people and then moving them to action.

The trick to learning this comes in three little words:

Ask. Great. Questions.

I remember having a conversation one time with one of my children.  It was about something important to them and I wanted to help guide them to making a great decision about the situation they were dealing with.  But I wanted them to be the one to own the issue and decide it for themselves.  My job, then, was not to make the decision, but to guide the conversation and allow them to discover what the wise thing was for them to do.

How did I do it?  I asked her lots of questions until the answer and solution became obvious to her.

This is the same with the prospects in your business.  It all begins with the questions you ask.  Here’s where you can start:

  • Ask open-ended questions:  If you ask questions that only get a “yes” or “no” answer, you’ll never lead the person to discover anything on their own and you make your job a lot harder.  Ask questions that require fuller thoughts and answers.  Then…
  • Ask follow-up questions:  Say to them, “Why is that?” to get more information out of them than they first offered.  Or follow-up with, “When do you find that’s true for you?”.  Questions that start with Why, When, Where, and How are often great opening words to start your questions with and will lead you where you want them to go.  Make a list before talking with your next prospect and see how it helps.
  • Ask for more details:  Say to your prospect, “Tell me more about that.”  Or, “Why do you think that is true?”  Find ways to keep extending the information and going deeper.  People tend to give only as much as seems necessary to them.  But there is almost always more information to be found.

Win-Win Situations

It is amazing how these 3 easy tips can change everything for you and help you to discover what your prospects truly want and, maybe more importantly, what motivates them to action.  To influence someone to think is one thing.  But you’ll never make any money that way.  Action is what is needed in your business.  The best way to get someone to move is to help them to see that what you have to offer is actually something that they truly want or need.  Find what motivates them and lead them to that place through the art of great questions and follow ups.

You’ll be shocked at how comfortable and easy it is and how it feels like a simple conversation and solution – not a heavy sales pitch.  That’s a win-win situation you can live with!


One thing I often do when talking with people is to genuinely reply with, “That’s interesting!”  Then I proceed to ask follow up questions or ask for more details.  This simple reply is another great way to show genuineness, interest in what they’re saying, and an eagerness to know more.  Add this little phrase (when its sincere) and see if this helps build trust and break down walls even faster.


What have you found works best to motivate prospects when you’re talking with them about your business?  Please comment or share below.






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