3 reasons you’re not winning in your home-based business

When you start your own home-based business you can almost hear Freddy Mercury singing in the background, can’t you?! – “Weeee are the champions…my friends!”

The future is promising, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you are ready to take on the world! Victory is imminent and it is yours for the taking!  You’ve got this!

But then life seems to show up.

It happens.

You get busier.  You’ve shared the opportunity and products with everyone you can think of.  You feel stuck.  Nothing seems to be happening and its harder to hear Freddy singing in the background now.

So what do we do?

Inevitably, there are going to be rough spots on the road to victory.  You can’t avoid it.  But there are ways to get back on track.

Here are 3 reasons you may be struggling and what you can do to get back to your winning ways:

Talk to people.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds for some people.  Even those who consider themselves to be outgoing seem to struggle when it comes to actually talking to people about their business.  Instead, they find themselves scrolling through Facebook, emailing, or texting everything they do.  Rarely, if ever, do they use their voice or (dare I even suggest it) talk to someone in person!  This is why a growth mindset is so important in this business.  You have to be mentally strong and get past the fear of talking to people.  There’s nothing technically “wrong” with using online tools.  We live in a digital world after all.  However, you have to know the boundaries and understand that there is still nothing more effective than good, old-fashioned talking!

Talk to strangers.

I know…you can hear your parents voice in your head.  I get it.  But trust me on this one.  Having a home-based business is great.  But it still takes people – real-life human beings – to build it.  You have to get out there and talk to people.  In fact, you’ll need to not only talk with people you know but also, and especially, those you don’t.  When it comes to talking to strangers, think of it this way:  if you share your passion or product with someone you don’t know, what’s the worst that could happen?  You’ll never see them again anyways!  Besides, people need what you have.  If you don’t think so, you should find something else to sell.  If you believe in what you have, share it.  Even strangers will thank you!

Use a database.

Maybe you’ve heard of this as a Friends and Family List or a Networking List.  No matter what you call it, you should have one.  More importantly, you should use one!  Here’s what I suggest:  Start by writing down as many names of people you can think of.  Don’t judge anyone based on whether you think they’d buy, be interested, or do anything with you.  Simply write down names and put down anyone you can think of. Friends, family, church members, neighbors, former classmates, etc.  Next, think about who THEY know. Write down their names too.  This is simply your database from which to find connections.  One of the reasons you may not be winning, in fact, is that you’ve simply thought your circle of influence was oversaturated or too small.  Its simply not true.  You just need to widen your database and find smart, non-threatening ways to connect with people on this list.  Don’t sell.  Just connect.  See if conversations may develop and provide an easy way to share your products or services from there.


How well are you doing at actually talking – and not just relying on using digital tools?  Please share what’s working for you.  We’d love to hear some ideas!


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