5 FREE tools every online business must have

Time is money!  So let’s face it, having your own business means we all can use some help here or there to make sure that we can get more of both (time and money!).   You need to make the most of what limited resources you do have.  Me too!

Sadly, no matter how far we’ve come in term of technological advances, an all-in-one tool that has everything you’ll need in one place does not exist.  (not yet anyways!)

Until then, here are 5 tools that I use in my online business that are (for the most part) FREE and can definitely help.

  1. Canva: This is such a cool and useful tool!  Want to make a Facebook post stand out and get noticed?  Canva can do that for you.  But that’s just the start!  Canva has a simple drag-and-drop ability to quickly and efficiently create visually appealing things that business owners need.  Whether you need to create a presentation, an e-book cover, a Twitter post, or if you want to send postcards to your customers, this tool can help.
  2. Google Drive: This has been a time-saver and an excellent tool for my business.  What do you do when your business grows and expands to different states, countries, or even across the state where you live and there are important documents to share?  Rather than sending them one-at-a-time via email (that is SO 2009!), you can create a Google account and open a Google Drive.  Create files and store important documents and information just for you team.  You get to decide who has access and if it is public or private use.  Have all of your work organized and in one place and let your team work off of the same documents in your next team meeting.  This is an awesome tool that will simplify and make your life so much better!
  3. Fiverr:  Have a limited budget but need projects done professionally?  This dilemma can be a major issue for most small businesses and online business owners.  Fiverr may be your solution.  For a set price, customers can request help and give you what you’re looking for.  It’s pretty incredible. Whether you’re looking for help writing a blog post, need a new jingle for a product you created, want help with some advertising, or if you’re looking for an animated video to put on your website or social media – Fiverr is an awesome (and inexpensive) option.  You’ll be amazed at the options.  It is definitely one of my favorites!
  4. Pixlr Editor:  If you haven’t priced the cost yet for professional design software, don’t do it!  It is not pretty.  However, it is something that is needed for many online businesses.  If that’s true for you, then check out Pixlr Editor.  This is a great tool for small or home based business owners looking for free options to edit, crop, and make images look great and professional.  Whether you’re looking to improve your own pictures or something you found online, this is a great tool for you to use right away.
  5. HootsuiteThis tool was one of my first, “So that’s how you do that!” moments as a small business owner.  For a long time, I was scrambling every day to try to keep up with my business and family commitments while actively engaging in social media efforts.  Hootsuite came to my rescue!  This online tool is perfect for creating more space in your day (and week).   Hootsuite allows its customers to connect to a few of their social media sites for free and create content and schedule when it will be sent and where it will be sent to.  (*if you’d like to connect to more social media sites that you belong to you can pay for this too)  I like to schedule Monday mornings as my day to create content and work with tools like Canva to create visually appealing and relevant content for my social media sites.  I simple create the content, decide which social media sites to use, and schedule when I want them posted using Hootsuite.  Brilliant!  An amazing time-saver and one of my favorite tools.


What about you?  What are some of your favorite tools?  Please join the conversation and share what works for you!

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