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run your business from homeHi!  My name is Nate Whitson.   My “fancy” name is Nathan J. Whitson, but I only have two people who ever really called me that – my grandma Edie (in her sweet, southern, Tennessee accent that sounded more like “Nay-Than”) and our local pizza shop owner, Scott (I’m still not sure why he always did though). The only other time I heard “Nathan” was when I was in trouble at home as a kid.  That being said, you can call me Nathan if you’d like, but most people just call me Nate.

Some people (my 4 daughters who I happen to love more than anything in the world) call me “Daddy”. It’ll be kind of weird if you decide to call me that, but hey, we’re online – so feel free!  I can’t hear you anyways.


My best friend, Sarah (who is my wife), calls me “hottie”.  Ok, I’m lying.  She has never called me that. But it’s my About page and I can pretend, right?!  My wife is awesome and I love her so much.  She is an incredible mother, cook, homeschool mama, and friend. And she is smokin’ hot.  So that’s pretty cool too.


Christian Financial Coaching

For nearly 13 years, I worked in the financial industry as a Private Wealth Manager.  Throughout my career, I was able to serve hundreds of families and personally managed over $21,000,000 in assets.  I loved working with families to help them take the worry out of their wealth management.

Previous to that, the bulk of my “real jobs” had always been in churches.  Working as an Assistant Pastor, worship leader, Youth Pastor and as a Church Planter.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me when God threw us a curveball and started leading my wife and me to leave my financial planning practice.  We loved what we were doing and how it provided for our family.  But when God tells you to go, you should just go.  (*Cue the story of Jonah if you’re thinking of not listening to Him or telling Him no!)

Leaving my office and the amazing Private Wealth Management firm that I worked for was a very difficult decision.  We were trading what had become very comfortable and safe for us and were walking into something completely unknown.  But my wife and I determined that we would not let fear make decisions for us.  So we left in obedience to what we felt God was asking us to do.

After selling my business, we had a year to figure out what was next.  The long story made much, much shorter is this business that you’re reading about right now!

As only God can, He brought together two loves of mine:  The Church and Helping people win with Money.

From my experience in working in both the church and the financial industry, I saw that there was a MAJOR PROBLEM when it comes to personal finances in a Christian home:  We want to manage our money wisely and do it God’s way but the majority of us don’t feel equipped or knowledgeable enough to do it on our own and we aren’t getting ahead because there is no accountability to help us finish what we started.

That belief has lead me to where we are today and to opening my Christian Financial Coaching business.

Christian families need a COACH.  

Not only that, but they need someone who can walk with them long-term.  Financial progress takes time and a lot of effort and discipline.  That’s why we believe that the missing ingredient to truly finding financial peace is NOT in having more information or inspiration, but in having someone who can help keep you accountable and can help you make wise decisions and ask better questions.

In the end, this is what it’s all about:

Helping Christian families connect Faith & Finances with Long-term Accountability!

You see, we all only have a little bit of 2 things:

  1. Time
  2. Money

As Christians, we believe that God is going to sit us down one day and hold us responsible for how we did with both of these things that He gave us.  That’s a serious issue and one that we need to deal with right away.

My goal is to help do that in our Coaching program by providing:

 Personalized Plans- Biblical Counsel – and Long-term Accountability.

So if you resonate with those areas and issues – then this site and our Coaching program will be great for you!

If you’re feeling financially STUCK… it’s time to get a Coach!

If you’re feeling like TIME IS RUNNING OUT… it’s time to get a Coach!

If you’re NEARING/ALREADY RETIRED… it’s time to get a Coach!

In each situation above, there are critical issues and needs that have to be addressed in order to manage money wisely and do it God’s way.  Some need help budgeting, some need a clear pathway to retirement, others are doing just fine financially but without a clear sense of how God is involved in the plan it can all fall apart when you sit down with the Lord and discover that He wanted or required something more.

The Coaching and the plans that we create are 100% unique to each person or family.  No two are alike.  But the goal in each one is to align our lives so closely with what God has in mind that we would work our way to Maximum Impact in those areas that matter most.  I believe that if we do that, we will hear the words our souls long to hear when it’s all said and done:  “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

That’s what this is all about!  I want to help you connect your Faith & Finances with Long-term Accountability.  

To help you to accomplish this, I (and my Preferred Partners) write weekly about financial topics or how to be financially wise in a wide variety of areas.  And sometimes we write about Random stuff that doesn’t exactly fit into any of those categories.

I typically only post once a week and I have an exclusive Facebook Group that I do LIVE chats with each month for those who join our coaching program.  Most people don’t read blogs every single day (I don’t either!), so if you’d like to get these posts and updates sent to you directly, you can just click here.  It’s quick and easy and you can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t want to keep getting emails from me.

So if you are a Christian and you’re looking for help to start making sense of your wealth management and connecting your Faith & Finances – then you’ve found the right place!

I’m glad you’re here!

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