Balance is Bogus

Balance is something that is hard to come by for most people.  In fact, here’s a suggestion:  forget trying to find balance in your life.  I’m serious.

The idea and suggestion of “finding balance in your life” sounds like such a good idea.  We even feel more peaceful and relaxed when we think about a life that has everything compartmentalized and in its proper place.  (At least I know I DO!) But here’s the problem:

Balance is Bogus.

When you think of it, balance is the idea that we can do everything that’s needed to be done in equal and proper proportions.  But that, my friends, is simply not possible.  There’s not enough hours in the day.

Instead of pursuing balance, I have a proposition for you. 

Focus more on focusing on less.

You may want to re-read that and make sure you understand what you read.  The point is that people who achieve greatness understand an important truth that many of us seeking for balance miss.  That truth is this:  life is not best when balanced.  Life is best when we are driven by what matters most and by spending disproportionate amounts of time on those things.  It’s true!  Ultra-successful people in all walks of life have figured out that greatness is a matter of massive action in the direction of what matters most.

Don’t Sacrifice Greatness for Balance

For example.  Let’s say that you want to resolve to be great in your business.  Greatness at any endeavor is going to mean sacrificing somewhere.  What other area of your life are you willing to sacrifice in order to be great in business?  Will you sacrifice your marriage?  Your time with your kids or loved ones?  Your spiritual walk with God?  Your health and exercise? 

Hopefully you get the point.  Balance, when applied, means that the thing you end up sacrificing is greatness at what matters most.  Which leads to an important question that we all would do well to consider:  What, exactly, matters most in my life?

Once you really begin to spend time dealing with this question and discover what your answer is, you realize that something, somewhere HAS to give.  You can’t be great everywhere in everything. 

So forget balance.  Focus instead on what matters most and give a disproportionate amount of time and effort to it.  In the end, you’ll find that the feeling you are looking for with balance will be realized when your life is centered around what really matters most.

Question:  What’s the ONE THING that matters most to you in these areas of your life:  Spiritually, Family, and Business.  Then, what’s the ONE THING you can do each day to see maximum results or to help you reach your goals in each area?  Please comment or share your thoughts on my Facebook or Twitter accounts.  I’d love to hear!

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