While we may not work in the same job, entrepreneurs and home-based business owners share the same Principles and many of the same Best Practices that guide our businesses and lives. This category is designed to help provide helpful ideas, strategies, tips, and ideas around these common areas.

25 09, 2017

Lead People Better: How to improve as a Leader.

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Lead people better.  That sounds nice.  But in the real world, it is easier said than done!  People are hard to lead and it’s hard to be a leader.  But when the mission is important enough, the need for great leadership is too.  Today, we’ll look at 4 things that can help you to lead people better. But before we do that, we have to ask a question that many people struggle with when it comes to seeing themselves as a leader: “Am I a leader – even if I don’t feel like one?” It’s amazing to me how often this question (or one like it) comes up.  Here’s my answer when I hear this. It may help you determine if you are, in fact, a leader and if this conversation today is for you or not: “Do you see anyone following behind you?” If so, then you’re a leader and this is something you should read. […]

21 08, 2017

Settling for Status Quo: How To Avoid Sheepwalking Through Life

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Settling for work that you hate to do is hard on your life.  Take my dad, for example.  My dad is a very hard worker. He provided a great life for me and my family.  But he really didn’t enjoy his job.  He once described working in the automotive industry as, “mind-numbing” and saw his work as simply a means to “pay the bills and put food on the table”. He punched in, punched out, and wanted more from life but didn’t see how it would be possible with five of us crumb-snatchers at home to feed. I think he often felt stuck.  If he could go back and do it all again, I think that he would. In Seth Godin’s book, Tribes (which I highly recommend you read), he gives a definition of a person who feels like my dad once did.  I think you will recognize it and may even relate yourself.  He calls these people “sheepwalkers”. Read this definition carefully and see if this could be you or maybe someone you know. […]

7 08, 2017

My Loser List

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Do you consider yourself a loser?  I doubt you do.  In fact, my guess is that you would emphatically say, “NO!  I am not a loser!”  If that’s true (and I agree with you, by the way, that you’re not a loser), then why aren’t you winning more in the areas of your life that matter most to you?  Why aren’t I winning more either? The answer may lie in your list. Or, as you will see, it may be your list that is lying to you. […]

21 06, 2017

How to Create a Crystal-Clear Proposition or Value Statement for your Business

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Creating a Proposition Statement is critical to the success of small business owners.  It lets customers or prospects know exactly why they should consider their services or help.  Yet it is one of the most under-valued and unused tools by most entrepreneurs.  Skipping this is kind of like skipping step #1.  It’s a bad idea and creates a bad foundation to build off of.  Not only that, but starting or operating a business without a crystal-clear Proposition Statement creates confusion and unclear expectations for both you and your audience. All of this, thankfully, can be avoided. But before we get to that, though, I want to give credit where credit is due.  One of my mentors (I have a few) is a guy in Nashville, Tennessee, named Michael Hyatt.  (Click on his name to find out more about him. He’s awesome!)  No matter what business you are in, you should become familiar with Michael and follow him and his team.  They have helped and guided me so much in my entrepreneurial endeavors and I know they could do the same for you.  He is the one who introduced me to what I’m about to share with you here.  It is easy to understand and can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to sharing what you do and why your audience or customers should care. So here are the 4 parts to creating a crystal-clear proposition statement for your business. […]

31 05, 2017

How to deal with death.

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Death is guaranteed.  An abundant, full, thriving life is not. In this short video, I share my thoughts about both and how Memorial Day and the passing of two friends in our community has caused me to remember to focus on what really matters most.   I have come that they may have life to the fullest... - Jesus What are you doing to embrace life more fully in the midst of certain death?

22 05, 2017

How we think and how to do it better.

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How you think is rarely discussed.  What to think, however, is everywhere.  Wherever you go there is someone offering their opinions and on what to think.  Self-help books, blogs (like this one), talk shows, celebrity Twitter feeds, news and media outlets, and more.  But what about the process of thinking?  What should we think about that? In his short and engaging book, John Braddock writes about this very topic from his perspective as a real-life spy. The book (which you can read for free with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program) is called, A Spy’s Guide to Thinking, and is a fascinating read.  John (I doubt that’s his real name) highlights something that I found very helpful and applicable in each of the 7 key areas of life that we discuss here each week in my blog. Here is how John describes how we think and how we can do it better once we know and understand this process. […]

24 04, 2017

4 Reasons Your Business May Fail

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As a home-based business owner, this conversation is near and dear to me.  I am an entrepreneur (like many of my followers and Tribe).  I love the challenge of trying to grow something from nothing and build it into a successful enterprise.  But it is not easy and most people will, sadly, fail to make it work. Whether you have a home-based business or a brick-and-mortar one, it doesn’t really matter.  Owning your own business is really hard work.  It will test your mettle and push you to new limits.  It can be the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  Often on the same day!  The roller coaster ride that comes with owning a business is simply a reality of what you signed up for when you opened up your shop. So grab your doggie bags if you’re feeling queasy and pull up your big-boy (or big girl) pants and make sure it’s not your business that is next to fail. Here are 4 reasons that many do and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. […]

3 04, 2017

Follow the Leader

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Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to play the game, ‘Follow the Leader’?  That was a great game!  Everyone would take turns directing their friends to do whatever they did.  If they walked in a zig-zag, so did you.  If they jumped up and down, you would too.  Whatever the leader did, you followed it up by doing the exact same thing. I want to help you play the game again.  But this time, as adults who are trying to thrive in every area of their lives. Here’s how it works: I will give you 5 people who I like to follow and mimic.  These are leaders who specialize in specific areas of life or business that, I believe, can help you thrive in your business and life.  The idea is simple:  watch what they do and how they do it, and then do the same.  That’s it! But before I share who these people are and why you may be interested in following them, I want to share this quote from Jim Rohn.  I hope this will help encourage you to consider carefully who you follow.  Here’s what he said: “You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Think about that.  You are already playing ‘Follow the Leader’ but you may not have even realized it!  You think, talk, act, and become like those you surround yourself with.  Who you follow makes a HUGE difference in the direction and quality of your life.  So, let’s look at five people who may be worth following.  […]

1 03, 2017

3 Ways to Create Lasting Change

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I’m going to make an assumption.  I am going to assume that there are things in your life that you would like to change.  Maybe about your finances, your business, your health, or your marriage.  Be it big or little, I bet change would be welcomed in certain parts of your life.  But creating change can feel like trying to move an immovable object, can’t it? How do I know?  Because I have things that I’d like to change, too!  So I’ll let you in on a little secret that I have discovered.  I hope this helps. It is not going to be easy! Change is hard!  If it wasn’t, we’d all be exactly how we want to be and where we want to be in life.  But obviously, this is not the case.  (otherwise, why read something like this, right?!) To understand why change is so difficult for us (and more importantly, how to do something about it that works!), we have to understand a few important things.  […]

6 02, 2017

Balance is Bogus

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Balance is something that is hard to come by for most people.  In fact, here’s a suggestion:  forget trying to find balance in your life.  I’m serious. The idea and suggestion of “finding balance in your life” sounds like such a good idea.  We even feel more peaceful and relaxed when we think about a life that has everything compartmentalized and in its proper place.  (At least I know I DO!) But here’s the problem: Balance is Bogus. When you think of it, balance is the idea that we can do everything that’s needed to be done in equal and proper proportions.  But that, my friends, is simply not possible.  There’s not enough hours in the day. Instead of pursuing balance, I have a proposition for you.  Focus more on focusing on less. You may want to re-read that and make sure you understand what you read.  The point is that people who achieve greatness understand an important truth that many of us seeking for balance miss.  That truth is this:  life is not best when balanced.  Life is best when we are driven by what matters most and by spending disproportionate amounts of time on those things.  It’s true!  Ultra-successful people in all walks of life have figured out that greatness is a matter of massive action in the direction of what matters most. […]