Here are episodes and show notes from The Nate Whitson FOCUSED FAMILY Podcast.

30 10, 2017

Episode #012 – Know What You DON’T Want! Learn how to make better decisions.

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Summary: What DON’T you want in your preferred future? When it comes to making big, key decisions in our lives, this can be a tricky question! In fact, in basic, everyday ways it can throw us off as well.  It’s hard to determine what we DO want but it’s often easier to figure out what we DON’T [...]

11 10, 2017

Episode #011 – Your Primary Aim: Getting clear about what matters most!

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Summary: Your Primary Aim. When it’s all said and done and your life is no more…what will you have accomplished, done, or left behind that will truly have mattered? Will you have ended up where you wanted to go? Did you do all that you hoped you would do? In this podcast, we investigate these issues in more depth and [...]

27 09, 2017

Episode #010: Getting Serious About Money

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Summary: Having worked for 10+ years as a Private Wealth Manager, I’ve seen 2 different outcomes from this conversation about money: Regret Rejoicing For those who took money management seriously, there was typically great rejoicing.  For those who didn’t, only tons of regret.  Those with regret were always looking backward and regretting not taking it serious enough when they had the chance.  Regretting not doing more of what they knew they should have.  Regret for not paying attention or having a plan. Where will you [...]