10 Dates on a Budget

We all know that finding time to date your spouse is crucial to a healthy and strong marriage.  But it isn’t always easy to find the time, nor the money to do it.  For many of us, it’s one or the other – or both – that keep us from dating our spouse and keeping the spark alive in our marriage.

If that’s the case for you, then keep reading.

Here are 10 dates you can do on a budget.

Date on a Budget:  10 Ideas

1. Check local newspapers or websites for activities coming up in your area.  Many times, you can find information like this by going to the city’s main website and finding a section that offers ideas.  You can almost always find cheap or budget-friendly ideas here.

2. Take a walk.  It’s pretty amazing how you can live with someone and yet never really spend a lot of quality time together.  By taking a walk and holding hands, you can connect at a deeper level and find that the simple act of being together, uninterrupted, can be one of the best dates you can go on.

3. Find a food truck.  Sure, you’ll have to spend a little money but the idea of getting out and grabbing something to eat without the need to tip a waitress can save a little money and be a lot of fun.

4. Rent kayaks.  In our area, we shopped around and found that we could rent kayaks for as little as $15/person for a 2-3 hour ride down the river.  It was cheap, fun, and created some great memories.

5. Be a tourist in your hometown (or local town).  A good date involves quality time and doesn’t have to be expensive.  Find a coffee shop in a town near you (or the one you live in), grab a drink, and go window shopping.  You’ll have a blast and learn a little more about your hometown at the same time.

6. Trade babysitting with your friends.  If you have kids at home, one of the big expenses of date night is the cost of babysitting.  To combat this, consider trading babysitting with friends.  You watch their kids one night while they go out and they’ll return the favor to you.  This frees up some of the cost of date night and allows you to catch a movie – and maybe afford some popcorn too!

7. Go parking.  Sure, you can do that too.  But what I’m suggesting here is to find an outdoor movie theater and catch a flick together like they used too in the good ol’ days.  It’s a cheaper option than the theater because you can bring your own snacks.

8. Hit the trails.  No matter where you live, there is likely a good trail system somewhere nearby.  Do a little research and find some new areas to explore together.  Pack a lunch and make it a date that your budget can handle.

9. Go to a comedy club.  There’s something important about laughing together.  Great marriages are made of those who laugh and have fun together and a comedy club may be a good place to go and do just that.  Search for a family-friendly comedian and have a blast laughing and hanging out with the one you love.

10. Hit up Happy Hour and then head home for a movie.  The traditional date almost always involves food (at least for me, it does!).  So, arrange for a night where you can get to your favorite restaurant a little bit earlier than normal and grab food during happy hour.  Then rent a movie and cuddle up on the couch together.

No matter what it takes, date your spouse.  Make it a priority in your budget.  Have fun.  Laugh, talk, and enjoy one another.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful and fun.  No matter what, make time to do it and set aside your pennies.   There aren’t many things more important than that!

Here’s a great book if you’re looking for ideas to strengthen your marriage:  Date Your Wife.

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