The Surprisingly Simple Way To Find Your Purpose in Life (with Video)

What is your purpose?  Why are you here? What does God want to do with your life?  These are all big, important questions.  But finding the answers can be elusive and extremely frustrating.  How can you pursue these mammoth issues about tomorrow while still being fully present today?

At some point, we all know how this feels.  You’re always looking forward.  Always pressing into tomorrow. Always dealing with the future and wondering what the big picture looks like or how to bring it into focus.

As elusive or frustrating as this can be, it’s vital for us to pursue it.  Why is this gnawing question so important?  Because your soul can only find true satisfaction and peace when you do.  If you don’t pursue your purpose, it’s like being thirsty but never being able to quench your thirst.

But there is hope in a surprisingly simple approach.

Finding Your Purpose

As much as we’d like to have all of the answers laid out in a neat and orderly fashion, it rarely (if ever) happens that way.  Why?  Because God clearly likes to torture you!  No, not really.  In fact, it’s just the opposite. God actually loves you and loves to spend time with you.  He wants your attention and your focus and when you’re pursuing things like this, He has it!  This is why God often provides for our “daily bread” and not our “lifetime supply of bread all-at-once”.  He knows that if He were to do that that we’d lose our connection with Him and not depend on Him or spend time with Him each day.

So here is the surprising and simple thing you can do in pursuit of your purpose:

Be faithful today.

I know that sounds too simple.  The truth is often that way.  We assume it has to be complex and creative to be life-changing, but that isn’t always the case.

Tomorrow is not promised.  So the simplest and most helpful thing you can do while you’re waiting for your purpose to be revealed is to be faithful today.

Be faithful in the small moments.

Be faithful today in the frustration of not having all of the answers.

Be faithful to following and keeping your focus on what really matters most.

Do this, and your purpose will come together.  It seems counterintuitive but it’s true.  Be faithful today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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