Guard and Grow Your Mind

In this two-part series, we are looking at the potential that we hold for living a thriving, full life.  But as we saw in Part One, there are enemies and obstacles that get in our way.  If left unchecked, these things may cause us to miss out on the potential we have to live a life of greatness. 

In the first part of this conversation, we discussed the idea of guarding your mind.  We do this by recognizing, first of all, that not all people are neutral.  Even those closest to us can unintentionally keep us from living life to the fullest.  Many times, the potential that we have is stolen from (like a squirrel steals an acorn) one dream and one idea at a time.  We are side-swiped by words that may come from kind sources, but leave us questioning if the life we dream of is still possible for us.

“Stay where you are.  You need to play it safe.  Don’t do something stupid.”

“Isn’t this one of those pyramid schemes?”

“You need to be more responsible.  Besides, no one loves what they do.  You need to give that idea up.”

“It’s too late to start now.”

Slowly but surely our potential is crushed by the opinions and words of others.  But we can fight against it if we not only guard our minds but do this as well.

Grow Your Mind

In the forest, many acorns are left untouched.  The squirrels don’t get them all.  But they still face the daunting task of germinating in soil that is too hard and not suitable for growing in.

The same is true for you.

Everything you see in your life today (and everything you will see in your future) is the result of your thoughts and ideas.  It’s where everything begins.  So we must work hard to not only guard our thoughts but also cultivate the soil of our minds so that our ideas can flourish and thrive.

We can do this in two simple and straight-forward ways.

  1. Be careful who you let influence you.  This is so simple and yet so often left unchecked.  Our friends determine the quality and direction of our lives.  Maybe you’ve heard the saying that, “You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Think about it.  You probably vote alike, say a lot of the same things, enjoy a lot of the same things, etc.  So you simply have to ask yourself:  Are the people in my life helping cultivate greatness in me or are they keeping me back from it?
  2. Hang out with leaders.  Once you identify who you are spending time with relationally, you can now be more thoughtful about who you are spending time with intellectually.  So I suggest spending time with leaders and thought-innovators.  How?  Well, fortunately for us, it is easier to grow our minds today than it has ever been.  Podcasts, audiobooks, kindle readers, YouTube, and plain old-fashioned books are the best way that I know how!  In today’s world, these leaders are right there for you to spend time with.  (I have many suggestions in my Resource section if you’re not sure where to start.).  Spend time with them and get to know them.  You will quickly see how true it is that the people we spend the most time really do influence our lives more than we thought.  Find out how these leaders guard their minds and grow them into greatness and simply do what great leaders do.

Life is too short to live little lives.  Guard and grow your mind.  You have the potential for greatness in you!

Everything you see in your life today (and everything you will see in your future) is the result of your thoughts and ideas.

Who are some of your favorite leaders?  Please share in the comments below.

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