How to be Happy

I consider myself a happy person.  But I can also be a jerk.  All too often, I find myself being a complainer too.  I’m moody.  I’m often selfish and I can have a terrible attitude.  (Hopefully someone else can relate to this and it’s not just me!).  But I like the “me” that is happy the best.  I know everyone who has to be around me does too.

As I was thinking about this it reminded me of a story I read recently about a woman named Judy.

Judy is an incredibly happy, positive, and joyful woman.  When the author of the story described her, you could just picture this woman’s smile.  Her eyes, beaming with joy.  Her personality was full of life and vigor.  She was upbeat, energetic, and fun.  In short, Judy is the kind of person that you instantly like and makes you wish you could be just like her.  As I read about this amazing woman, it made me think, “Gosh, I would love for people to describe me just like that!”

Then you read the rest of her story.

Judy is in a wheelchair. 

Born without legs.

Despite her circumstances, Judy is everything that I described above:  joyful, vibrant, positive, full of life. 

Judy is happy.

How can this be true?  More importantly, how can this be true for you and I?  Here are a couple of ways that we can learn to become happy, just like Judy, no matter what you’re going through or dealing with.

Happy Is A Decision

I know you’ve heard this before, but it is so true that it bears repeating.  Happy really is a decision that you make.  Let me prove it to you.   See if this has ever happened to you.

Imagine that you’re in an argument with your spouse or maybe with your kids.  Its been a rough day.  You are grouchy and irritable and you’ve had enough of it.  You are in a bad mood. 

Then it happens.

The phone rings. 

“Hey!  What’s up?!  So great to hear from you…yeah, I’m doing great!”

Ummm…what just happened?  I thought you were grouchy, irritable, and in a bad mood?  Where did this cheerful, fun voice all of sudden appear from?

Been there.  Done that.  I bet you have too!  This illustration is a great way of making the point that, as much as it pains us to recognize it, being happy is a decision that we make.  It is a choice and we are in control of how we respond to life and the circumstances around us.  If you want to be happy, then make the decision to be happy.  Sometimes it’s that simple.

Happy Is A Magnet

Think about the people that have had the greatest influence on your life.  Assuming that these were healthy relationships, I would venture to say that (for most of us) the people we aspire to be like were people like Judy.  People who chose joy.  People who smile.  People who are quick to forgive and don’t hold grudges. 

When I am around people like this, its like being pulled in by a magnet.  You just can’t help but want to be around them.  Which brings up a great question for you as you try to improve the key relationships in your life:

Are you the kind of person that other people (prospects, customers, teammates, family, friends, relatives, your kids) like to be around?

Are you the kind of person that is like a magnet or are you more like a repellant?

Happy Is A Habit

Lastly, improving relationships will happen when ‘happy habits’ are created.  Habits are formed when we do something long enough and consistently enough.  (Scientific studies suggest it takes about 66 days of consistency to create a new habit.)  Whether good or bad, we form them all of the time.   In fact, think about this: we are born with ZERO habits.  Only instincts.  Which means that all of the habits that you have today are the result of decisions you have made.

So today, you’ve got another decision to make.

Decide that you’re going to make “happy” a habit.  Choose to take on the irritating dilemmas of the day with a smile.  Make the decision to be the kind of person that others want to be around and emulate.  Practice it over and over.  It won’t be easy at first.  You’ll have to fight off other habits that you’ve created (like the grouchy habit, the sarcastic habit, the mean-with-your-words habit, etc).  But in the end, you – and everyone around you – will be happy that you did!

Are you the kind of person that is like a magnet or are you more like a repellant?

Please share what stands out to you in the comments section below. 

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