How to keep your family your priority while running your business from home

There is nothing worse than working from home and having your kids come in and give you that look. Have you seen it?  Its that one where they come into your office (or in the bathroom where you’re hiding and just trying to find a few, precious moments to work without interruption) and they give you that sad, cute, puppy dog look.

Yeah, like that one!

It’s so sad to look at that cute, little face like that.  Yet my wife and I see those faces every single day from at least one of our four girls!

Our bright idea

At our house, we had a mud room between the garage and the interior of the home.  So my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to turn that room into our home office.   However, we didn’t want it to feel disconnected from the house like it had as a mud room.  So we came up with this AMAZING idea! We made sure that we got a door made of glass so that it made the house feel like it “flows” naturally from one room to the other.

This, we found out, was a bad idea.

What we now get is sticky handprints all over the lowest part of the door and a constant mix of kids hands and noses squished against the glass, pleading with us to let them in because, “I just have to tell you ONE MORE THING!”

It really is quite comical.  And annoying.

Keeping Perspective

If there’s one thing my wife and I hear from parents whose kids are grown and have moved out of the house, it is this:

“Enjoy these days.  You’re going to want them back.  Those were the best days!”

I know that we can get very frustrated at the lack of focused time we have to run our business and we wish (if I’m being honest) that we just had more time to work on it and grow it.

But, deep down, we also know that these are the best days of our lives and our family is what we do this all for.  So we know we have to be careful with how we approach the days and years that we have with them.

Maybe you can relate.

If so, here’s a few thoughts that may help you to keep your perspective during the crazy days:

  • Our kids didn’t ask us to be born (or adopted).  That was our choice.
  • They are not a burden.  They are our blessing and heritage.  Treat them and love like that’s true.
  • There’s more to life than making money.
  • Be careful what you wish for.  You’ll have more time to yourself sooner than you expect and won’t be able to get this time back.
  • Ask yourself:  What am I doing this for in the first place? (seriously consider this for a few minutes)

I know we all want to get ahead.

I know the pressure is there to perform and produce and take advantage of the business opportunities while they’re there.

I get it.

But there’s more important things.  We all know it.  We just need to make sure that we never forget it.

Enjoy the things that matter most (hint: they’re never things!)  Hopefully this song will help you do just that today.


What do you do to make sure that you are keeping your family your priority?  Please share!

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