Kombucha: What is it?

Kombucha – pronounced “com-boo-cha”, just seems weird to me.  My wife has been bugging me…I mean, lovingly encouraging me…to “just try it!”.  But I’m kind of wimpy when it comes to trying new things that I’m unfamiliar with or can’t pronounce very easily.  So I thought I’d do some research to see what this weird concoction was all about.  What I found was pretty interesting.

First of all, for my non-Kombucha-understanding friends, Kombucha is a fermented tea.  It is a drink that uses something called a “SCOBY”:  symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.  (I’m not kidding)  When I first heard this it made it a lot easier to say “no way am I drinking a “colony” of anything!”.

Maybe you’re feeling the same way.  But hang in there.  Don’t stop reading yet.

Our bodies are amazing!  God has made the human body full of incredible design and wonder – including the fact that our gut health is made like a laboratory of good and bad bacterias and enzymes that help break down food, digest it, and helps us sort out everything we put inside it.  It is responsible for so much, including absorption of nutrition, fighting disease, getting rid of waste, and many other necessary functions that we pay no attention to at all.

Which is exactly the point, I guess, of why it may be wise to investigate and (dare I say it) drink Kombucha in moderation. 

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider using this crazy-sounding drink.

4 Main Reasons

  1. Detoxifies and cleanses.  Our bodies take in and absorb everything we feed, breathe, or touch and put on us.  It then has to determine what to do with it all and sort through what is good and what is bad.  Some of the garbage we eat or get from the environment (pollutants, toxins, etc) are not easily converted to waste.  This means that they hang around and makes us sick, lethargic, and sluggish (or worse).  Thus, one of the main reasons many people have turned to Kombucha is for the ability it has to rid the body of some of these poisons we ingest or take in.  The less junk we have, the better we feel.  That just makes sense.
  2. Joints feel better. As our bodies age, we begin to feel the aches and discomforts more and more.  Our bodies break down and, in particular, the structural support we have in collagen is not as readily produced or available.  (*side note:  if you want to check out an incredible collagen protein source, click here).  Thus, the high amounts of glucosamine produced from Kombucha may help heal and repair some of the damage.  As an added bonus, the preservation of collagen in the body can help in many other areas, including the reduction of wrinkles.
  3. Improves digestive health.  Kombucha is loaded with helpful antioxidants and large amounts of probiotics and digestive enzymes.  These are known to help boost your immune system, help fight against cancer, and even aids in fighting against stress and fatigue.
  4. Increases energy. Let’s face it, there is a huge market for people looking to increase their energy.  Rather than grabbing a soda or energy drink (both of which are absolutely terrible for you for several reasons) Kombucha may be a good alternative – again, in moderation.  Iron is formed during the fermentation process and is known to help increase blood supply to the body, thus creating an increase in proper bodily function and energy.  If for no other reason, this may be worth checking it out all by itself. 

I am no expert in these things, but I can see that my wife is, once again, looking out for my best interests and trying to help.  But don’t take our word for it, see what this true expert says and see if this doesn’t help convince you to give it a try.


What say you?  Is Kombucha a part of your regular health routine or are you too weirded out by it?  Comment below or join the conversation on my social media and tag me in it with the hashtag #Kombucha. 

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