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Helping Families Thrive at Life

If you’re like most people who follow me on social media or read my blog, then you love your family and you want to see it grow, improve, and thrive in every area of life.  You are not okay with settling for less than God’s best for you or the ones you love.  You are active in your community and in your church and you are serious about achieving Maximum Impact in the areas that matter most.

But, like all of us do, you probably have some struggles too.

  • You struggle to find freedom in your finances and to find the financial peace that’s eluded you for so long.
  • You are a Christian and you want to live life to the fullest – but you aren’t sure how to get there.
  • You want to break free from being “average” and, instead, have an uncommon, extraordinary marriage, mindset, and family.
  • You fill ill-equipped and a bit overwhelmed when you think of all that you want to do or accomplish.
  • You want to be spiritually stronger and experience God’s power in your life in greater ways – but you still struggle with the same sins and bad habits that have followed you have for so many years now.
  • Ultimately, you want to GET focused, LIVE focused, and STAY focused in the midst of a busy, overwhelming, and sometimes crazy life…but good intentions haven’t been enough to get you there yet.

If that sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place.  Trust me when I say that you’re not alone.

I Understand How You Feel

I know what you are feeling because I feel it too!  As a Christian husband, father of four girls (please pray for me!), blogger, author, entrepreneur, and more – it can feel overwhelming to me at times too.

I want to put God first, family second, and be able to look back and see that I did not settle for mediocre or average in any area of my life.

I am a hard worker who loves to learn, grow, and take on a challenge.  But I knew that to achieve my goals and dreams, I was going to need some help.  I needed a coach or mentor(s) who have been where I’ve been and, more importantly, who can give me the tools that I need to help me get where I want to go.

Maybe you feel that way too!

If you’ve read my About page, you’ll recall that I have tried to surround myself with people like that. People who can help me get me where I want to go.  So I determined a long time ago to be a student of the best. Like them, I want to be the best at whatever I do.

In this case, I want to achieve Maximum Impact where it matters most and make the most of my time here on this earth.

My hope, then, in playing this game of Follow the Leader is to speed up my own ability to learn from the best and then apply all that I can from them and transfer it to my own life and family.

This is simply my invitation for you to do the same.

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Be A Follower

That’s what I do.  I am a follower and I encourage you to be one, too.

I know that as a leader, that sounds like the wrong idea.  But just as the Apostle Paul wasn’t ashamed to say to his audience, “Follow me…as I follow Christ.”  I, too, am encouraging you to do the same.

Follow me, but NOT because I am a master at any of this.  Instead, I am simply learning from the best minds I can find and I am trying to pass along to you what I’m learning.  It is in this way that I hope to help you so that we can achieve Maximum Impact together.

That’s my goal and its why I do what I do.

I am not the expert (yet).

I don’t know how to answer every pressing question or know how to help heal and restore every family issue (yet).

I don’t have the credentials (yet) that would “wow!” you or make you want to name your children after me (although Nate is a pretty cool name if you’re looking for one!).

But what I CAN DO is condense the best information that I discover and present it in my own way.  I can take what the best thought leaders and family-focused people know and do and share it with you.  I won’t pretend to be the best.  I doubt that would matter to you anyways.  You just want to help your family Get & Stay FOCUSED.  So do I!

So let’s grow and learn together.  That’s what this site is all about.

Where To Start

Not sure where to start?

Check out some of my previous posts first.  You can find them by quickly scrolling to the top of this page and looking on the right-hand side.  Or just click here and scroll down.

I write about topics that I believe can help.

Faith life, Family Life, and Financial Life topics and issues and then some Random stuff, too.  Click here and start with this FREE tool.  Just remember:  this trick is just to get started.  This isn’t a race.

Looking for resources to help you go further, faster?  Click here and come back often as I add new resources regularly.

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Last thing:  If you’re like most of my readers, you are a leader.  If you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be interested in trying to lead your family better.  Most likely, people look up to you and trust you for help and answers.  So if you think this site can help other families to grow and thrive in key areas of their life – please share it with them.  I also make it very easy to share posts on your social media when you think something I’ve written or said is worth sharing. There are simple links at the bottom of each post to do this. It’s super easy and is a great way for you to serve people who read your posts.

In the end, life is short and we are all in this together.  My hope is that this site will help you to do what this is all about:

Helping Christian families achieve Maximum Impact where it matters most:  Faith Life, Family Life & Financial Life.

Are you ready to get started?  Great!  Click here and let’s grow together!