//My Loser List

My Loser List

Do you consider yourself a loser?  I doubt you do.  In fact, my guess is that you would emphatically say, “NO!  I am not a loser!”  If that’s true (and I agree with you, by the way, that you’re not a loser), then why aren’t you winning more in the areas of your life that matter most to you?  Why aren’t I winning more either? The answer may lie in your list.

Or, as you will see, it may be your list that is lying to you.

You may not know it, but you have one.  In fact, you probably have a few of them.  But what I want you to see is that one of your lists is full of lies.  We all carry around this list and, strangely enough, we tend to believe in what it says.

Don’t go looking for your list.  It’s not written out.   But it’s there and we all tend to read from it from time to time.  In fact, in many ways, our list is reading us.

You see, the list that we read from is a list of our thoughts.  It’s a long, painful list full of all of the reasons why you’ll never thrive at life.  It’s what I like to call, My Loser List.

My Loser List

Here is a sample of what is on My Loser List.  These are some of the thoughts that come to mind while I’m trying to grow my online business to help families focus.  See how yours matches up.

  • 8 out of 10 new businesses fail.  Mine probably will too.
  • I don’t have a big enough platform to build off.  In fact, NOBODY KNOWS ME!  How can I grow a successful business if NOBODY KNOWS ME as an authority in this area?!
  • I don’t have the right degree to build a successful business like this
  • I don’t feel like I know how to do what needs to be done to make this happen
  • I only have a small group of followers on my blog and only 15% are even slightly engaged
  • I hate how I look on video and pictures
  • People probably doubt me
  • I doubt me sometimes too
  • I’m scared of what people may think of me, my motives, and that they will judge me unfairly
  • I’m not a professional writer (heck, I’m not a professional anything!)
  • I’m afraid of public speaking and know it may require me to do that 
  • I wonder if anyone would really even care about what I’m saying?
  • I have no money to put into this and you can’t make money without money!
  • So many other bigger names and organizations already do what I want to do.  It’s impossible to compete against that when I have no audience or platform!


Do you see now why I call that My Loser List?  It’s full of doubt, fear, cynicism, negativity and terrible self-talk.  When I read it, guess how I feel?

  • Defeated
  • Unsure
  • Frustrated
  • Disillusioned
  • Anything but a winner

It’s a sad list, isn’t it?

Sadder still is that you most likely have one too.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but our Loser Lists are always similar.  I believe that this is true because there is a God and He has an enemy who tries to work against Him.  God has great plans for your life and that means that His enemy doesn’t want you to succeed because he doesn’t want God to succeed.  That loser is an attack by an enemy of your life and your dreams and he shows up to steal, kill, and destroy them both.  He is behind every one of our Loser Lists.

So here’s what you need to do.

  1. Write out your Loser List.  Expose it for what it is.  See the lies clearly.  Then you can move confidently to step #2.
  2. Burn the list.  Whether that’s physically or metaphorically, you need to burn it.  That Loser List is a lie and it is keeping you from fulfilling all that God has for your life.  As always, the way you defeat a lie is with the truth.  That life-changing truth that you need to embrace is what you need to rehearse daily in step #3.
  3. “If (since) God is for me…who (what) can stand against me?!”  This is from Romans 8:31 in your Bible.  Print this truth out so you can see it each day and read it out loud.

Expose the lies.  Exclaim the truth.  Burn your Loser List.

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    Awesome! Needed this today!

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