Memorial Day

Parades, stones, plaques, trees and many other things like these are commonly used as memorials.  They are important ways for us to remember key events and people have meant so much to us.  Today, in our country, we memorialize and remember all of those who served, fought, sacrificed, and died so that we would be free.

But a memorial is meant to be more than just a memory.

The memory is important.  But our actions are even more important than the memory.  For the actions we take are the evidence of our thankfulness.

Today, as we remember those who have given so much, it is important that we also remember to act on their behalf.

Here are 3 ways we can do that.

Memorial Day

  1. Say Thank You.  More than just saying it today, it is important to say thank you to those currently or formerly in the military whenever you have the opportunity to do so.  Most of our friends and family who have served don’t consider themselves worthy of this special attention.  But it is the fact that they feel this way that makes them especially deserving.  They are our everyday heroes and defenders who do not ask for our thanks but deserve it at every opportunity.  Be sure to take a second to let them know that you remember and appreciate all that they’ve done.
  2. Pray.  Pray for those currently serving.  Pray for those families who have loved ones in danger and who sacrifice so much while their family members serve.  Pray for those who have lost loved ones on our behalf.  Then pray that God, who has blessed us so graciously, will continue to do so.
  3. Live Free.  In the midst of a world so full of evil, it is tempting to live scared, seek shelter, and run and hide.  That is what terrorists and those with anti-American sentiments would want us to do. But that is not the way of free people.  Instead, we ought to enjoy life all the more.  Thank God for our freedom and then demonstrate by our actions that cowardly people will not infringe upon our God-given rights or cause us to live any other way than free.

As we remember, say thanks, pray, and demonstrate our freedom today, I am forever grateful for those who have fought and served.  People like my Grandpa Joe Whitson, Uncle Mike, Uncle Gary, our cousin Sean, our Great-Grandpa Vern, and so many others (forgive me for not mentioning all of you who have!). But from the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU!  Because of you, I gladly and willingly say this:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Who would you like to thank and what are you most grateful for?

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