Radical Margin

Radical margin.  Those are two words you probably don’t believe actually belong together.  At least not for you.  I mean, let’s be honest; we struggle to find margin in our busy lives.  Let alone anything that would remotely resemble “radical margin”.  Heck, life is so busy for most of us that any margin feels pretty radical, doesn’t it?

But that’s not the way life was supposed to be.  It’s not the way we were created to live.

We were made to do more than just survive.  We were designed for an existence that does more than just produce.

My guess is, you already know that.  But what you don’t know is HOW.

Here are a few ideas that may help.

Radical Margin

The first time I heard this was from an online mentor of mine named, Michael Hyatt.  He is an ultra-successful entrepreneur whose mission is to help people “Win in business.  Succeed in life.  Lead with confidence.”  From what I’ve seen from the past few years, he does more than just talk the talk.

In fact, this past summer, Michael and his wife took a 35-day sabbatical from his very busy work in order to purposefully slow life down and remember why they do what they do.  The thing is, they do this every year and have for many years.

How do they do it?  Well, I’ll him tell you in his own words.

“Margin is not something that just happens.  You have to fight for it.”

He’s right.  The way to create radical margin in your life is probably pretty simple.  Like most other great ideas, it isn’t that hard to figure out.  It’s just not easy to make it happen.

We all struggle to do what we know to do, don’t we?

We have schedules to keep and bills to pay.

We have kids to pick up and kids to drop to off.

We have meetings to attend and church to get to.

We have all sorts of things that are priorities and important tasks to complete.  So what do we do?

We have to fight.

We have to recognize that radical margin isn’t just about taking time off from something.  It’s about recharging and refocusing on what really matters most and making these things more important than the rest of the stuff on our list that is wearing us out.

By definition, “radical” means to be extreme or progressive in fundamentally changing something.

By definition, “margin” means to provide an edge or a border.

When combined, the idea is that we would get extreme about changing the way we protect the borders of our lives.

It’s about committing to what we should commit to so that we don’t leave anything undone that was ours to do.

How do you do this, exactly?

By scheduling radical margin into your life.

The truth of the matter is something that Michael taught me:  “What gets scheduled gets done.”  Radical margin is no different than anything else that you’ve deemed important:

  • exercise
  • Bible reading
  • date nights
  • paying the bills

When something is important to you, you make sure that it gets done.  You know that to leave these off of the schedule could be damaging or detrimental to your life.

Well…the same is true of your lack of margin.

Maybe it’s time that you and I get more radical.  I think that it is.  You may not have the means to take off 35 days in a row.  Maybe that’s too radical for you today.  However, aren’t you just a little bit curious how someone who is just as busy or busier than you can make it work?  I know I am!

If so, feel free to read more from him here and see what you can learn.  You may be surprised.

No matter what you decide to do, I hope you will consider the effects of not doing anything when it comes to creating more margin in your life.

If you’re not happy with the amount of peace that you have in your life.

If you’re not sure when the last time was that you really slowed down and enjoyed the things that matter.

If you’re concerned that life is slipping past you and you’re missing what’s most important.

If you’re anxious and concerned and always bogged down with worry.

Then maybe it’s time to get a little bit radical.  It’s time to schedule your time around the things that matter most.  It’s time to discover what radical margin is all about!

I hope that you will!


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