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“It is for FREEDOM’S sake that you have been set free…”

This was the message that started this whole thing for my wife, Sarah, and I.  We had been introduced to an incredible product that changed our lives and has lead us to this point in our journey.  I’ll share more about this issue of FREEDOM in future posts, but just know that we were in a rut, looking for a change (ok, Sarah was – I was not but should have been!), and not living our lives to the fullest – that is to say the least!  Fast forward to today, and we’re on a mission to grow our own part-time business (es) from home and to help other stay-at-home moms and dads, entrepreneurs, home-based business owners, network marketers, and direct sales business owners (or anyone else who finds this helpful) to find freedom and success working part-time from home as well!

That’s what this blog is all about.  As we learn and grow, we simply want to share what’s working, what’s not, and we hope to engage in conversations that will help you learn along with us – and hopefully help teach us, too – so that we can all live fuller, more meaningful, and free-er (that’s a word, right?!) lives!

I hope you’ll follow along and read the posts – but more importantly, that you’ll engage with them, offer your thoughts and insights, ask questions, let me know what topics and ideas you’re looking for guidance or suggestions with, and then follow me on my social media sites to learn even more.  In fact, feel free to even reach out personally about your part-time business or home-based business and say hello! My email is:  naterwhitson@gmail.com.

Chat with you soon!


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