Why You Need A Coach

Why would you need a coach?  In fact, why does anyone need one?  Especially the great performers.  Have you ever wondered why some of the greats still had coaches?

Did Tiger Woods, at the peak of his dominance, really need a coach?

Do great authors really need an editor?

(And more to the point) Do YOU really need a coach to help you get where you want to go?

A simple and short story may convince you that you do.

We All Need A Coach

I recently read a story that wasn’t about coaching (it was actually about understanding your Bible) but it absolutely pointed to the fact that we all need a coach.

Here’s a paraphrase of what it said.

There was a retired engineer who was known for his expertise in a certain field of manufacturing.  After many unsuccessful attempts by a team of engineers, they were unable to solve their problem.  So they called upon this guy to come in and see if he could help.

He agreed and came in and got to work.  After inspecting the machine thoroughly, he pulled out a piece of chalk from his pocket and marked an X on the location where the problem was coming from.  The team was amazed!  He was exactly right and solved the problem that they couldn’t figure out themselves.

A week or so later, the company received a bill in the mail from the retired worker for $10,000.  The company was shocked by the amount and wanted to get an itemized breakdown of the charges.  So the retired engineer wrote them and sent an invoice back and said:

  1. $1 for chalk
  2. $9,999 for knowing where to use it

This hilarious and poignant story tells me something about important.

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As a Christian Financial Coach, I see this all of the time.

Clients come in and begin to tell me their stories.  They explain how they got where they are today and all of the things that have worked against them or caught up with them over time.  Sometimes, they blame others or their circumstances.  Other times, they only blame themselves.

But no matter where the blame ends up, the truth remains the same.

They haven’t been able to solve their problem yet and they’re looking for help.

Just like the team of engineers in the story, they have thought through the problem.  Inspected their issues.  Tried to diagnose their troubles.  Yet, the problems persist.

They are stuck.

What do they need more than anything else?

The right person who knows where to put the “X”.

That’s really what a Coach is, isn’t it?  He (or she) is someone who has knowledge or resources that can help them to see what they can’t see.  To help them resolve their frustrations and help get them the peace that they’ve been missing.

This is the same thing that we do in our Christian Financial Coaching program.

We help thoroughly inspect a person’s life.  In fact, in our coaching program, we don’t just talk about money and assume that the place to mark the “X” is there.  Instead, we look at 7 key areas of a person’s life and try to find out who they are, what matters most, and where the gaps are in their plan.

It’s then that we can more accurately diagnose the problem and, like the retired engineer, pull out the chalk and point to some solutions.

After all, that’s what we’re all really looking for.


Even Coaches need Coaches!  We all have blind spots and areas where we need to grow and continue to learn.  So never let the fact that you haven’t been able to solve your problems or find your own solutions deter you from getting help.  We all need it and we all would benefit from someone who could point us in the right direction.

One more thing to mention from this story that’s worth noting.

A Coach can only do so much.

If you think back to the story, you’ll recall that the only thing the retired engineer did was to diagnose the problem and point to the solution.

But who had to do the work of pulling the machine apart and repairing what was broken?

The team.

In real life, when your financial life is broken or simply needs a tweaking in order to run more efficiently, you may need a Coach to help guide you and point you in the right direction.  Someone who can see what you can’t see.

But in the end, you have to do the hard work.  The manual labor can’t be passed on to anyone else.  God has given you the responsibility to steward over what He has entrusted to you.  So don’t make the mistake in thinking that a Coach can come in and do the work.  He can’t.  But what he can give you will make your life easier and help you go further, faster than you could on your own.

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