10 Rules to Win with Money

Winning with money requires that you play by its rules.  Failure to do so will cost you in more ways than one.  Among the most serious consequences are…

  • Lack of peace
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Lack of joy

If you’d like to avoid those unpleasant consequences, then start with these 10 Rules to Win with Money.

10 Rules to Win with Money

1. Sacrifice Early

The earlier the better when it comes to winning with money.  Saving early, starting to be disciplined early, and learning to practice generosity as early as possible are all sure-fire ways to win with money and reach your goal later of Maximum Impact.

2. Do Work You Love

The vast majority of people in the United States go to work every day hating what they do.  How sad is that?!  One of the easiest ways to win with money, then, is to actually enjoy what you do.  Studies show that those who do work they love – live longer and make more money.

Besides that, did you know that God makes it clear throughout Scriptures (particularly in the book of Ecclesiastes) that loving what you do and loving your spouse should be a main goal yours?  It’s true.  Read through Ecclesiastes and look for it.  It’s repeated at least five times in that short book.  How cool is that!

3. Learn to Hate Debt

Don’t you already hate it?  I know I do.  Yet, the majority of us (myself included at times) continue to rack up credit card debt or other unnecessary debts and we put ourselves in a position of a slave to our lenders.  One of the fool-proof ways to win with money is to hate debt and stay out of it.

4. Have a Budget

A lot of people misunderstand and underappreciate a good budget.  For many, it feels like a major restriction of fun and freedom.  But, in my experience, it’s just the opposite!

Money comes in and money goes out.  That’s it.  Yet many people don’t know where their money has gone.  A budget is a simple way to make sure this never happens and that it goes where it needs to be to help you win with money.

5. Be Generous

Just like a budget, generosity gets a bad rap.  People incorrectly assume that in order to make more money or to have more money means that you can’t give more money away.  But God’s economy operates with a different set of rules.  In God’s Kingdom, generosity actually produces contentment and helps you win with money in ways that hoarding never can.

The world says that consumption makes you happy.  God says it’s just the opposite.  Who do you believe more?

6. Learn the Magic Word

In this case, the magic word is not “please”.  It’s “NO!”.  Just because the commercial told you that you need that shiny new refrigerator or car or toy or whatever it is they told you – doesn’t mean it’s true for you!

Learn to exercise some self-control and discipline and say no more than yes.

7.  24 Hour Rule

One of the best ways that you can learn to show self-control and create some financial discipline and strength is to give yourself a 24-hour rule.  This means that any big purchase (Determine what that means for you and your spouse if you’re married.  For many, it’s as little as $50-$100.) will require that you wait before buying it and that you discuss it together.

Often times, this short timeframe allows you to see how important it really is to you and it can be a huge help in staving off impulse buying and increase your odds of winning with your hard-earned money.

8. Live on Less

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with money and aren’t winning more with it is because they have continually increased their spending as they’ve made more money.  One of the best rules you can live by, then, is to learn to live on less.

In fact, the wisest among us do it intentionally.

If you’ve been able to make ends meet on your income and you find that you’re blessed to earn more, keep your budget the same and save, invest, or reduce debt with the increase.

9. Stop Worshipping Stuff

None of us would say that we “worship” our stuff.  But let’s be honest; many of us do.

We say we “just need a reliable car” – then go out and lease a brand new one.

We say we “need a new tv” – then go out and get the newest and hugest one possible.

I’m not judging.  We all do this and we’re great at justifying why we do it.  But if you want to win with money then you’ve got to learn to control what you worship and avoid the issue of “stuffitis”.  It’s a nasty condition that affects a large majority of us.

10. Practice Gratitude

Maybe more than any other rule, this one provides the best return on its investment.  Gratitude is the key to avoiding discontentment and greed and is able to stave off the things that keep you from winning with money.

Count your blessings.  Name them one by one.  Gratitude is the best attitude around!

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