The Worst Advice Ever

A while back I wrote about some of the best advice I’d ever received.  You can read it about here.  It is, obviously, some GREAT advice that may be worth implementing in your life right away!  But it got me thinking about how much bad advice is out there, too.  Like some of these doozies.

“Always look down the barrel of a gun to make sure it’s not loaded.”

“Pull my finger.  You’ll like it.”

“Close your eyes.  Trust me!”

Don’t you wish that all bad advice were so obvious!?  Me too.  However, some of the worst advice can sound deceptively good.  Like the ones I mention next.  It is some of the worst advice ever.

The sad news is: I bet someone has given this advice to you!

“Follow Your Heart”

You’ve heard that before, haven’t you?  “Just follow your heart.”  Sounds innocent enough, right?  But there are all sorts of problems with this.

Have you ever found your heart to want something really bad, only to find out later that it was wrong?  I know I have.  Think about every poor relationship that you’ve been in where you were trying desperately to make it work but you knew it wasn’t a wise decision.  Your heart kept pleading with you while your mind was trying to lead you in the right direction.  That type of tug-of-war is constant and has claimed many victims.  We need the emotional response of a heart that is passionate and caring.  But to give your fickle heart the sole responsibility of helping you make important decisions is, both, unwise and some of the worst advice out there.

“0% is the same as cash!”

Wrong!  You are being lied to.  Let me ask you:  do you really think that companies that are offering this “deal” are going to loan out their products to you from the goodness of their hearts, just to be nice?  If you think so, then I want to tell you about a killer deal on some ocean-front property I own in Montana.  You’ll love it!

As Dave Ramsey often says, “Cash is king!”.   If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.  That’s the best advice I can give when it comes to your money.  The vast majority of people who buy into the ‘0% same as cash’ line are the ones most likely to not pay off the debt by the time this isn’t true and end up paying double-digit interest on the item they couldn’t live without.  Don’t buy the lie.  Pay with cash!  0% is not the same and it’s terrible advice to someone who just needs to wait and save up until they can actually afford it.

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“Just Get Married and It Will Fix Everything!”

I remember thinking this years ago when I was dating a girl.  We would date and then I would break up with her every few months when the “newness” would wear off.  I had a terrible time staying committed and knew the relationship wasn’t right.  But every few months I would miss her again and think I couldn’t live without her.  So what was a guy to do?!

I know…maybe the best way to fix the commitment issue was to make a decision to commit forever! Sounds great!  (sigh)

This advice must be where Garth Brooks got his incredible wisdom from when he wrote the line, “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers!”  I’m guessing that he had been through the same thing as me and heard the same terrible advice.

Marriage is amazing.  But getting married because you have a commitment and maturity problem isn’t the answer.  As obvious as this seems today, this advice is out there and still exists today.  If you hear it, run for your life!  This is some of the worst advice ever!

What about you? What is some of the worst advice you’ve ever heard or received?

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